The Pit Bull App

Pit Bull Tips & Training App for Everyone:

“A Pit bull is any of several breeds of dog in the molosser breed group. Popular perceptions that the breeds are inherently violent, or that they have the same temperament but are more physically dangerous in an attack than other dogs, have made concern over pit bull attacks a popular topic of local journalism, and sometimes a source of minor public panic.” –

As you can see from the short article above that it is vitally important to train your pitbull wisely.

The Pit Bull Tips and Training App provides:

– Tips
– Training
– News
– Articles
– and More

Grab this great Pit Bull App right now…

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Free German Shepherd App

Who else owns a great German Shepherd?

They are one of the most beloved dogs that only a proud owner would agree and know by experience.

“German Shepherds are highly active dogs, and described in breed standards as self-assured. The breed is marked by a willingness to learn and an eagerness to have a purpose. Shepherds have a loyal nature and bond well with people they know. However, they can become over-protective of their family and territory, especially if not socialized correctly. They are not inclined to become immediate friends with strangers. German Shepherds are highly intelligent and obedient. Some people believe they require a “firm hand”, but more recent research into training methods has shown they respond better to positive, reward based training methods.” –

In the German Shepherd Tips App you will get:

– News
– Training
– Tips
– Health
– & More

Grab this FREE German Shepherd App Today!


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Newborn Baby Tips App

You are excited about your Newborn Baby! Do you want to know the latest tips about how to take good care of your baby? This Newborn Baby App will give you tips and news on feeding and health for your newborn baby. It also includes a tab on cute baby photos as an added Bonus!

Grab this FREE Newborn Baby Tips APP today…




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Apps Developed

Welcome to  Valximo Apps online. Here we are creating different Apps on various subjects. You can browse around and see which App you like to download today.

Here are some Apps available to download right now:

  1. Green Energy Guide
  2. Dog Training News Tips
  3. Cat Breeders Tips
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